My 5 month old kitten is sick right now!

My Bella is very sick and she was acting strange earlier after I put the very same Hartz UltraGuard on her. I didn’t notice at first I was cleaning the kitchen but then at her dinner time I had the window open and she jumped out as if her life depended on it. I couldn’t get her to come in for hours. When she did I noticed she wasn’t herself. She was sitting all curled up and then would wildly run through the house. Her eyes are huge and she looks terrified or as if she is seeing things. Keeps making weird mouth movements like dry mouth. I washed and she has settled some but at night she never likes to cuddle but she has gotten behind me between me and the pillow. I can tell she is so sick. Her poor litte heart is so fast. She can’t eat and I am scared up until almost 4 am with her now. Damn those people who make such a harmful product. I found this to see what to do. Like if anyone knew what I should do in addition to a bath. But she ran outside after and it has probably all soaked into her. They should have to take their lousy product off the shelves. Or we should all sue them.

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  1. Never soak a cat into any anti flea product! Cats lick themselves and they will ingest whateve you put on them unless it s in the nape of the neck! I would bring the cat to the vet who can examine her and possibly prescribe an antidote.
    What kills fleas, can kill a cat,too!

  2. I only ever used one hartz product and il was for fleas. I was lucky enough to get to my vet and she was ok after treatment. I have never given hartz to any of my animals since. I know Hartz is less money but it ended up costing me more for the vet.

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