Collar poisoned my dog

I have a 10 month old border Collie mix and after a day of having a Hartz collar on he got really sick. He went from being super happy and running around to neurologically and physically unstable. He started to get lathargic so I took the collar off. His symptoms grew worse so I left camp and drove an hour away to an emergency vet. They pushed fluids under his skin to help flush the toxins. He wasn’t himself all night he almost acted drunk. He could physically walk on his back legs. Finally two days later he is coming around but he is still not himself. I spent my shortened family vacation crying because I didn’t know what the hell is wrong with my dog. I hate Hartz and I’m so mad at myself for not being a better dog mom and reading up on companies that kill like this one. Shame on you Hartz.

One thought on “Collar poisoned my dog”

  1. We should form a class action lawsuit. How many animals have to get hurt or die because if this horrible company. Wicked greedy company!!

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