Hartz Oatmeal Shampoo

So are we talking about Hartz shampoo in general or specifically the ones that kill fleas and ticks? I have the regular shampoo and am wondering if it is safe to use on my pup.

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  1. Why would you support a company or use their products who knowingly produce products that kill animals? Throw it out.

    1. So, first of all, rude. Secondly, I had already purchased prior to hearing anything negative about the company. So, that’s why.

  2. don’t do it my dog passed from it don’t take that chance his name was timber I used the 60 lb drops he was 80 lbs died within 2 days they have killed 72,000 pets in 1 year alone

  3. I have used Hartz products for years. Use this shampoo all the time for my dogs. It’s been 19 years using their products with over 30 animals with no issue. Most reactions with animals are caused by allergy. Just make sure he doesn’t drink the bath water, as even the “safest” soaps can cause issue.

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