Article on Hartz website, deeply concerning.

The article, “How to Stop Your Cat From Biting” is very concerning. You are telling people to hit or punish a cat for biting. A cat is biting because he or she is frustrated or trying to communicate something. Punishing this behavior is not only abusive but it is counterproductive. You are adding to the frustration and anxiety the animal is feeling. It is like the idiot who use shock collars on their dogs. You are forcing discomfort and anxiety on an animal who is already experiencing discomfort and anxiety. All you are doing is teaching the cat to not trust you. I don’t know who wrote this garbage but I’ve been an animal behaviorist for 15 years and what you are telling people is abusive and will damage the animal mentally and the relationship. I’m posting this article to every inch of the internet to show people what not to do and what bad, uneducated information looks like. I will never buy another product from your company. I hope none of you have animals because you clearly are stuck in 1940 where people believed that abusive and punishment tactics were the answer to train animals. We have scientific research now that proves these tactics are not only wrong but dangerous to the animal and the relationship. I’m sure you guys have other disgusting articles as well that I will expose. Animals have deep emotions and sensitivities that we can’t even fathom. We are barely scratching the surface of how deeply they feel fear, love, anxiety, depression, joy, confidence, etc. Companies like you and people like you are the problem. Disgusting.

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