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There are many people who are claiming that hartz is/has and have caused death to there animals and not one person in the post has shown any evidence that they have been killed by hartz via a professional animal expert or animal veterinarian. I think if you are going to slander the company then you spend money on your so called beloved child/family member and have an optopsy, providing proof that Hartz has caused the death being claimed. I have been using these products as directed by instructions labeled by Hartz on bottles, and my family/ friends all have used Hartz products for as long as I can remember and never once have I ever had a reaction from my animals, nor were there ever any signs or symptoms of any complications or injuries to anyone of my animals. I love Hartz products and I believe that the products are very effective and they are very well labeled with ingredients and instructions for use. If some idiot’s purchase a product for themselves or their beloved animals you should read all precautions and safety instructions on labels also they have a poison control number and even have a few informative suggestions for anyone who may have allergies to their products,on how to get immediate medical attention when ever there are signs of allergies and symptoms of any kind. People are so stupid and quick to blame and make false claims/statements for their own stupidity and negligence. In my opinion you should be able to see if your animal has any reactions from anything if you truly love or care about them whatsoever your animal will not just die right away even if your animal has been poisoned. If you pay attention to your animal at all then you would be rushing to the nearest animal hospital or clinic to seek medical assistance in the case that you have any change in behavior or other symptoms. I think that you all want sympathy or something and I think it is pathetic that you are such shitty pet owners that you should not be able to own a animal. I hope that you are not parents and if you are I feel bad for your children if you’re not able to see there is a problem with them and they die because you neglected to get treatment for whatever actually caused the death of your loved one

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  2. First I just want to say these days with prices being the way they are we shouldn’t have to worry about our dogs treats, shampoo or anything else we buy. As far as getting an autopsy on pets it cost money you may have the money but their are people who don’t especially after they have paid for vet bills after what they have ate or shampooed their dogs with or pets. There are companies who just don’t care about anyone or anything except their pockets and the money they line them with. God knows and he will deal with such dishonesty when you die you take nothing with you but your soul just remember that. I will not buy another thing that says Hertz or China on it because you are awful and if my dog get sick from the treats that I fed her I will do whatever it takes to bring your company out to the frontline. I did smell my Oinkies treats and it did smell of chemical that is why I am researching this product. If it makes my dog sick I am having it tested to see if it is safe if it is not you will hear from a lawyer you can take that to the bank.

  3. I can honestly see both sides of the coin, on one side I do see the side effects that type of products might cause on an animal but on the other hand he is right. There’s no real proof, no autopsy or anytthing that might point to these products being the cause. I’ve used the shampoo on my pets and nothing bad has happened. But thats not to say that the other pets might not have had a severe allergic reaction to it. I just hope research is done is a proper safe way. Make a petition and send it to the research labs, to different companies to have an unbiased opinion as to that being the cause or if anything in the product is the cause. Thats just my opinion and no that doesnt mean I work for the company because for one thats an illogical assumption to make. Its like if I said I hate tea (which I dont by the way) that must mean I work for coffee. This is just my thoughts, I do feel sympathetic to those who lost their pets well not just pets but their family in such a way. My condolences but I think both sides need to meet half way. I’m sure we are all concerned of the well being of the lil ones that make our day brighter and full of life.

  4. Try having a healthy animal (vet confirmed) then using Hartz products ONE TIME. The result for us was 2 dogs seizing. The came the hair loss and mental decline. Our run in with Hartz was in 2008. It is nothing but poisonous garbage. Since then we have been a chemical free household. No further incidents of reactions. I cannot stand when Hartz apologists come on here attempting to boost this companies image.

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