3 of my cats died because of collars and spray!

4 of my cats were dealing with fleas, two adults and two kittens. we bought flea collars for all of them, the 2 adults died shortly after, maybe 2-4 months afterwards… the two kittens were fine, but once the adults died we bought some spray for the kittens and I used it on one of the kittens and the morning after he died!!! I didnt use it on the other one because I didnt want to risk it…. hartz should be pulled off the shelf IMMEDIATELY!

2 thoughts on “3 of my cats died because of collars and spray!”

  1. Learn to spell. I can’t believe you put this out here like this. Just one little hint to you, it’s autopsy. Okay, another hint, it’s be-loved the way you have it. I couldn’t read anymore.

  2. 2-4 months? Most likely not related. The kitten, however, I’d believe. Flea sprays in general are bad. Cats can and will lick it, and where most successful flea treatments are pesticides, it is never a good idea.

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