Flea spray for cats , caused ours to have seizures

Our 7 yr old cat (solid white) was having horrible issues with fleas. We purchased the hertz flea spray from Walmart. A week after first application our cat had an episode of awful crying and bawling thing..plus he would walk sideways not straight. Took him to the vet.. nothing he was healthy. Vet said could be begging stages of ear infection, wanted him monitored closely and. Fought back if he did it again. Two weeks nothing… our daughter came to me and said momma, Mac (cat) has a few more fleas.. so she sprayed him. The next morning Mac and I are sitting in the recliner and he lets out this horrible squwal and his head fixates to the left. Being a nurse, I knew exactly what was happening… so I calmed him down and we made it out unharmed. I began researching everything from his food to his litter…then I came across this page!!! I wasted no time gave him two baths in dawn dish liquid and good towel dry. I am happy to say that was 3 weeks ago and we have been perfect ever since. I called our vet to update her and she said she could tell me so many unhappy endings involving hertz products. This company should be boycotted and all products pulled from shelves everywhere!!!

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