Killed our 2 cats & 1 dog

All of our babies died because of Hartz! We had 2 cats and 1 Chihuahua. Because they weighed about the same, we gave them Hartz Ultraguard Pro (for cats & kittens 12 weeks and older) – this was on January 7th, 2019. We were very concerned that the dosage called for one whole vial per pet, so we gave our 1 cat and chihuahau THREE drops, and our other cat ONE drop since she’s more skinny. Not even 1/4 of one vial was used on all 3 of them. On January 16th, our cat who got 3 drops had to be put down. On January 17th, our chihuahua died minutes after I got him to the vet. And on January 26th, our other cat passed away here at home after a long night of suffering. These drops were the ONLY thing different that we did with our babies. How is this still being sold?!?!?

One thought on “Killed our 2 cats & 1 dog”

  1. OMG I am SOOOOO sorry for what you went through…what THEY went through…OMG what a nightmare!!!! And YES why is this POISON still on the shelves????

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