Hartz does settle. Make a claim

Just an update…Hartz has agreed to refund for the collars and pay half of my vert bill. I could have held out for more but decided that I just didn’t have the fight in me.

But they do have a department that deals with claims and they were pretty quick to pay me off, so if your animal has been harmed, even temporarily, you can make a claim. Don’t throw the product away. I wrapped the collars up in a plastic bag. They will ask you to send the product back.

So sorry for all going through this. It was a horrible experience and I’m just glad that my Casey survived.

Killed our 2 cats & 1 dog

All of our babies died because of Hartz! We had 2 cats and 1 Chihuahua. Because they weighed about the same, we gave them Hartz Ultraguard Pro (for cats & kittens 12 weeks and older) – this was on January 7th, 2019. We were very concerned that the dosage called for one whole vial per pet, so we gave our 1 cat and chihuahau THREE drops, and our other cat ONE drop since she’s more skinny. Not even 1/4 of one vial was used on all 3 of them. On January 16th, our cat who got 3 drops had to be put down. On January 17th, our chihuahua died minutes after I got him to the vet. And on January 26th, our other cat passed away here at home after a long night of suffering. These drops were the ONLY thing different that we did with our babies. How is this still being sold?!?!?

Hartz killed my cat

This morning started like any other, until i put hartz flea drops on my dog and my cat. Within an hour my kitty, who wasn’t quite 2 years old, had dropped dead. It happened so quickly i never saw any symptoms, and didn’t have a chance to react. My heart is broken. How could they sell this when it is so deadly? My furbaby was so lively, healthy and strong. And some stupid $5 product took him from me. It’s not right and it’s not fair.