Another cat hared by this awful product

I bought the flea collar having used one from a different brand preciously with no issues. Not long after wearing it my cat Batman was not acting himself, and very lethargic and still itching like he was irritated. It was only after I lifted the collar to reveal not only were there still fleas on him but the collar had chemically burned half of his neck to the point most of his fur had fell out and was red raw to his skin. I am so angry at the pain and suffering he has endured all because of this stupid product. After reading a lot of other peoples stories I’m just thankful he is still alive 🙁

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  1. Well, just found out that most dog foods cause cancer , this was a shock, i have a min pin, and he has a small place on his chest, the vet said, he want to remove it and send it off, but he thinks that its cancer, he’s 7 i feed him Purina 1, weight control, all of the dog foods or shampoos, and god knows what else, there just throwing stuff in there that harms the only thing true in this world, how come nobody cares, im telling you this teally makes me mad, and hurt. I have bath my Pitt and my min pin, so far, so good, but not saying something want. IT BETTER NOT I KNOW THAT.💯🙏😡😢😫

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