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I am writing to report a firsthand account of a dangerous product, as well as indicate a pattern of abuse by the pet product company ‘Hartz’.

In October 2018, I used their “Ultraguard” flea prevention medication as directed on my domestic rescue cat. A couple days later, he developed vomiting and loss of appetite. A rash had developed on the application site, so I monitored him for the following days. He became lethargic and weak, so I took him to the vet.

They explained that he was exhibiting poisoning symptoms, and I told them I used the Hartz product. They told me that this was an inferior product and that they often saw symptoms like these with this medication. I was flabberghasted. The vet billed hundreds for re-hydration, anti-nausea, and appetite stimulation to save my cat from the brink of death.

I contacted Hartz immediately, and their poison control center advised that I wash him in dish soap to get their product off his coat. I did. His condition improved in the following days. I contacted Hartz again, and they advised that I send the remaining product in for samples so they could recall them and test for contaminants as to why it made my cat sick, and that they would cover the medical costs associated with his poisoning.

Months went by without any further correspondence from Hartz. Finally, last week I received a letter from Hartz claiming no responsibility, despite the clear evidence that their product harmed my cat. The treatment did not even help with his fleas, so I’ve since used a natural remedy instead.

I searched online about Hartz, and found hundreds of other stories similar to mine, dating back over a decade. There was also a class action lawsuit against the company that was settled out of court. Links below.

Hartz company has demonstrated systemic apathy regarding their chemical abuses on animals. It is undeniably evident that the company has brought illness and death to literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of household pets over many years. I have documented evidence and retained all correspondence with the vet, Hartz, etc.
Please help spread this news to help protect pets and pet-owners. Thank you!

Baxter Lowe

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  1. You’re just lucky it didn’t kill your kitty. Many cat & dog owners that used that toxic stuff haven’t been so lucky! 😢

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