Scary Ride

On Christmas Eve 2018, my wife and I went to Walmart and bought new Hartz flea/tick collars for our Bernese and our Great Pyrnees. That afternoon we bathed the Bernese using Harzt Flea and tick Shampoo. Being from CO. we have never had to use these items. On 12/27, my wife told texted me and said the Bernese was acting very odd. Normally she is very active and LOVES to chase a ball, but not on this day. She was somewhat lethargic and was having the “shakes”. She would not eat or go to the bathroom. As I was out of state, I told her to keep an eye on her. I arrived home on Friday night (12/28) to a dog that normally goes crazy when I walk in the door. It was not the case this night. She walked up the me and sat down, then followed me everywhere I went. The next morning she was the same way. We usually spend the weekends playing fetch – but not this one. She spent most the day laying at my feet, shaking. She would not eat, or run or play – and scratched constantly. Sunday was more of the same. This morning, she crawled into bed next to me and kept shaking. She drank some water but would not eat. She would not go to the bathroom or chase a ball – she was pretty lethargic. My heart sank as I began to fear the worst. I immediately took her to the vet. When he walked in the room and began examining her, he asked how long ago I bought her the Hartz flea collar. I told him the date and about giving her a bath. He immediately held her while I took the collar off, and proceeded to tell the the problems caused by the collar and shampoo. He had a dog in the room next door which was suffering seizures because of the collar. He spent the next several minutes explaining the problems with the Hartz products. Listening to him, I cried – thinking of what could have happened to my furry best friend. My next step – finding a lawyer and finding out WHY this problem has been around for 15 years and nothing is being done about it.

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  1. A class-action law suit would be totally appropriate, given the persistent problems associated with Hartz products. Death and sickness should never occur as a result of using a product that is supposed to make life better for dogs and cats. Hartz is now a Chinese-owned company that absolutely refuses to pull their products off the shelf and find a fix. Time to sue their pants off!

  2. Our dog had a seizure type neurological event when i put flea powder, recommended to put on dogs, on my throw rug. I immediately washed with a rug cleaner. I knew what caused it.

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