Hartz flea treatment – another story of it almost killing a beloved pet

Several years back, we decoded to try the Hartz brand flea treatment on our adult calico cat, lovingly named Penelope. We had prior alwayd used the vet recommended Advantage or Revolution, however was gettng pricey…. worst mistake ever made was trying the hartz. Almlst immediatley the cat starting freaking out, runing around, eyes watering, wouldnt let us near her. As shes a very friendly vmcat, nd in the past whenever something was wrong she would come to us rifgt away something wasnt right here…. she started trying to scratch or wretch her head around to lick off the treatment like nothing we ever saw. All almost immediatly. She went into spasms and seizures and started to have un cobtrolled diarherra. Luckily we got her to the vet, after several 100 dollars saved her. Howver the vet said ahe was very lucky to be alive. She also said as canada doesnt have a fda type governing organization over pet products they can lretty much put whatever they want into these products and go rifgt to the shelves. The vet said she has seen these thpes and worse reactions and they were quite commmon from both the cat and dog hartz flea drops and collars. And to STEER CLEAR OF THEM. i called hartz about this. They were rude. And pffered notgibg. They even attemlted to blame me sayibg perhaps i used the product wrong. They attempted to blame the store daying maybe they store had old or expired produxt. They even attempted to blame my cat daying maybe she ate something she shouldnt have. All lies. And in the end all they would offer up, no applogies or answers, but offers to MAIL ME IUT COUPONS FOR MORE HARTZ FLEA TREATMENT!!!! can u imagine?!

Anyways stay clear of this and all overtge counter flea treatments just to ne safe. And im so sorry to everyone whose been thru a similar situation….

2 thoughts on “Hartz flea treatment – another story of it almost killing a beloved pet”

  1. Unbelievable! I’m going to make it my life’s mission to take down this horrible company. How are they still in business? Why hasn’t someone done something before now?
    I understand about Canada not having FDA rules as to pet products and I don’t know about the US but I’m determined to find out!!

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