Hartz ear mite medicine poisoned my cat

I put hartz ear mite medicine in my cats ears.. By the next day he stopped eating and then couldn’t get up. When he got up to use the litter box he started seizing. He suffered through the night until the vet opened up, I took him to the vet Monday 11-12_2018.. He had a fever of 104.9 and kept having seizures.. The vet has been working on him for 2 days now and this is the second night he has had to stay there.. I think hartz should pay my vet bills.. It is wrong this stuff is still on the shelf. I have never seen a cat ever do what happened to my baby boy. I thought he was going to die before the vet opened. Most horrible thing I have ever seen.. We are on a fixed income but my cat needed help.. I don’t know how I am going to pay for all this but he deserves a chance at life and I don’t care what it takes or costs.. Hartz how dare you..

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