Flea powder for dogs

I used flea powder for dogs on my carpet. I used on 2 throwrugs sparingly, taking my animals outside for 20 minutes and vacuuming and aired out house. The next morning my german shepherd cross fell off our bed hitting his head on the floor. He went down like a rock. My dad was a doctor, our home held his office. I have raised cats, dogs, horses etc. I know what a seizure looks like. It was not a seizure like I had ever seen. His left eye rolled back in his head, his left side became twisted and he could not walk. It was a neurological event definitely. He came out of it about 3 minutes and went outside and playef with our other dogs like it never happened. There is no doubt in my mind it was the flea powder. Just imagine if I had put it on him per the label! I shampooed and threw away all rugs and rewashed all bedding. He is 9. Never saw anything like that.

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