I Didn’t Know, Now I Do!

I am filled with regret. My two indoor cats got fleas – something I have not had to deal with in many years. I remembered using those white collars years ago so decided to go with what I knew.

My oldest, Casey, became quite ill within two days. The younger cat, Sekan, seemed fine. The next day, Casey was worse, and I noticed that Sekan seemed somewhat lethargic.

The light dawned, and I quickly removed the collars.

The next day, Casey was no better, so I took him to the vet, who confirmed that it was the collar – “they’re too strong and very bad for cats,” he said.

He examined Casey and drew blood. He concluded that Casey had been poisoned. He assured me that Casey would survive, but there were times over the preceding days when I thought I was going to lose him.

He is still lethargic. Sekan seems fine now. What an unnecessary mess!

I’m going to file a complaint with Hartz. This product should not be on the shelves.

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