Best sugar ever was!

My border collie was 13 years old and it was end of September she got a but of dry skin. I had bought Hartz shampoo with oatmeal hoping to soothe her itch. The next day we moved into a 1 story house. As I’m starting to put things away I hear her making choking sounds then the 1st seizure started, I sat with her waiting for it to be over but as she started coming out of it she went right back in. They were so string she urinated a dedicated on herself. She couldn’t catch her breath. It was Sunday so off to emergency after hour hospital. The seizure didn’t stop as my daughter drove speeding threw Toledo. At the hospital they took her right back , 3 shots of valium and phenbarutal. Now at 4 hours after 1st seizure vet comes to talk to me. My girls temp was 110 plus( could read any higher) and she was still having seizures. Her head and eyes kept twitching and jerking. All these hours doctor said between fever and seizure IF she ever work up shed most likely be brain dead. Chances are she won’t wake. Even a younger dog couldn’t handle that much on their body. As the seizures kept going me and my daughter who grew up with sugar as a sister and best friend spent time with her as I had to make the hardest decision I EVER had to make in my life. Had to put her to rest. All because the chemicals meant for roachesants spiders,etc was in and on my dogs body. Thier was NO way to get it off her. The vet had to do a to screen and send it away for it to say reaction was to the shampoo and flea meds I put on her skin. I didn’t know it would do this to my baby. We had her creamated and had her paw prints done. She was healthy for her age. I miss and love her very much

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  1. This is heartbreaking. HOW can this still be happening? WHY? I feel horrible for your loss. I’m almost beyond words.

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