Hartz left chemical burns on my cats neck

Today I noticed my cat had chemical burns from HARTZ Flea collar. All three of my fur babies had the collar on, thankfully it only affected him. Not saying I’m not devasted. I have no clue what to do, do I take him to the vet? Do I continue to clean and put Neosporin on the wounds? Thankfully it isn’t as bad as it could be. I just hate seeing my fur babies like this, it’s a shame. What this company does to our animals our loved ones. I wish more people knew about this brand. It isn’t FDA approved. I was already scared about the collar, but I figured why not give it a try. But now I know, Hartz is a no go. And they need to be sued.

2 thoughts on “Hartz left chemical burns on my cats neck”

  1. I used the cat stuff on my baby a few years ago n withen 12 hours her poor body was hard she couldnt move snh she was my best friend

  2. I bought the collar for my cat on Tuesday (10/22/18) and woke up today (10/27) with some sort of skin irritation on his head. I believe it might be similar to what you are experiencing. The fleas appear to be gone, but at what cost? I’ll never get this product again. Poor guy was vomiting hairballs too (rare for him). I assumed it was from him licking himself due to the flea bugging him. Now I’m not so sure… next time I’ll spend the extra money to get s more legitimate product.

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