Night and Day

I am horrified at all the information I am seeing about the Hartz flea collars and shampoo, etc. that have been used and have caused reprehensible damage to all of these loved pets, now including mine. My Tierney, 2 yr. old half pit half lab sunshine in color, eyes to match is so sick right now. Two days ago she was her fun loving self, playing with her toys, then all out of the blue, she couldn’t walk. Her back hind legs were collapsing, weak, she could not stand without wobbling. We had to carry her around the house, then all of a sudden she would be able to walk, but was walking funny. We noticed she started being very quiet, very out of it, not playing, just laying down. Went to work came back she vomited all over the living room floor. She wouldn’t get up so I could take her to the vet, we had to carry her to get her in the car. She got sick on the way to the vet, vomited violently all over the car. Got to the vet, he noticed she had some fleas on her, I told him we just threw away a blue collar we had on her from Hartz. He instantly said she has neurotoxicity and its from the ingredient in the collar the P word. I’m sorry I can’t remember how to say it. I was floored!! I told him my husband also bought and bathed her in the hartz flea shampoo and conditioner, he said all of those make pets sick and/or they die! I almost fell to the ground. My poor little baby girl who is only 2 yrs old can die. He said her nerves and brain have been affected, that is the reason for the weakness, wobbling, not being able to walk, out of it, unusually quiet, vomiting, etc. He told me if she continues to have seizures, to take her to Penn Vet for more detailed analysis and testing. I am praying that she will not have anymore seizures, but she is continuing to have tremors and is shaking while trying to sleep. It is the scariest thing to see. I feel so helpless. Why is it that if these products are so fatal and harmful why are they being still being sold. All of them should be recalled indefinitely until they are reproduced without that P ingredient. I am appalled that stores are selling these at the expense of our beloved animals. I will be instituting a class action suit against Hartz! Now its just a waiting game to see if she either gets worse or slowly gets better but Will never be the 100% she used to be when we got her at 12 weeks. old. I am mortified.

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  1. My beloved companion of 8 1/2 years died on 9/6/2018 after putting the ultraguard flea and tick collar on her on 8/19/2018 for 10 min. and she began freaking out and tried chewing it off of her. I bought it for 3 bucks. Now I’m heartbroken and devastated and I’m (and hartz)the reason she’s dead.

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