Chemical Burn from Hartz Flea Collar

We discovered my cat and dog had fleas October 6th.
We followed the necessary steps to ensure we had them removed, flea baths, groomers, natural remedies such ad apple cider vinegar etc. As a precaution my daughter purchased HARTZ Flea collars on 10/7 from Petland.
After 2 days we had to remove the collar because we noticed a heat burn on my dog. Luckily I live with a vet tech, she told me what had to be done, shave the surrounding area to avoid spreading, apply topical ointment, keep the area dry and covered to avoid scratching. The heat burn started out the size just a bit larger than the size of a quarter. Within 3 days it spread from her lower neck to just as far as her ear. She was taken to the vet, told this was one of the worst heat-burns he had seen and IMMEDIATELY knew it was from the flea color. Unfortunately, I do not have the receipt, but I still have the flea color (who thinks to save a wrapper and the receipt) She was prescribed steroids, antibiotics and another topic. I am DISGUSTED that a company would keep this item on the market (as I am learning even more of their products are just as harmful) My dog is like my child.
For the past week, I’ve had to stay up with her, console her, ensure that she doesn’t scratch her wound (that’s a job all in itself! It’s been a nightmare for everyone, most of all for her!She’s been lethargic, she doesn’t want to go outside, or the bathroom, she’s not her normal self and it’s scary! Not to mention, my beautiful baby may not grow her hair back! I am truly lost for words. Something needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Chemical Burn from Hartz Flea Collar”

  1. Just recently my sister posted a warning about the Hartz flea collars for cats leaving horrible wounds on cats necks. I didn’t think much of it as I had used this brand for decades and never had a problem, until now. I noticed one of my cats was trying to lick her throat and took a closer look and she had a large wound on her throat from the collar. I took all the collars off my 3 cats and one dog and threw them away. I never put the collars on tight, so they can escape them if they get snagged, they were always 3-4 fingers loose, so it wasn’t for that reason. I’m sure it’s a chemical burn from a combination of the chemicals and the metal fixture that holds the plastic buckle. I will never buy another product from Hartz again, ever! They once were a trusted company, but not anymore.

  2. We used the flea collar and it left over a 5 inch area of raw & draining skin on my poor dog. It is still infected, he is still losing hair. This is the worst feeling knowing my dog has this

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