Over the years

I see alot of posts on here about their dogs and their experiences. I heartly say that I have used this shampoo over the years but not periodically. I have had many dogs over the years chase(pup), Ella(pup), holly(my 7 year old rescue), Marley(my 10 year old), and lucky(my 6 year old). Through out the years I have used that shampoo for FLEAS ONLY. Any other time they did not have fleas I used regular dog shampoo and only bought the flea is when it was needed. Lucky is my 6 year old male husky labmix that I have raised from a puppy and have used other things to bathe him and I still use the orange flea shampoo. Today im giving him a bath but have never had the terrible experiences with what y’all have went through.

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