Not just the shampoo

First, drops took patches of hair out of all 4 cats where it was applied. We then moved to the all over spray assuming with larger quantities it would not be so concentrated and cause this. Next thing I know the best cat in the entire world was having seizures.Zeus my Siamese mix who would ask for kisses on his head, hold your hand while napping, ride my shoulders like a scarf and would call for “mom” when I went to bed and who also attacked my ex for playing too rough with me… he lasted another 6 months on anti seizure meds and then threw a blood clot, which was likely caused by the seizures. He became paralyzed instantly and in major amounts of pain. Even though my vet was a 5 minute ride from my home, and told me to bring him immediately, the clot was lodged and they couldn’t get it to move. His back end stiffened like a corpse. My sweet boy, suffered so much, and still was unfixable after these chemicals. He did go peacefully, and happily purring his little lavender eyes out in my arms. But he should’ve had many more years as an extremely healthy 8 year old kitty. I’m angry, and no one I can speak to about this will ever use these products again. The picture is his last night home with us. When the vet gave him the First IV med trying to break up the blood clot they allowed us to bring him home and love on him, as is was all just waiting. We took him back first thing in the morning and 24 hours later we were putting him down. Our dog here never could be trusted with other animals until Zeus. I love my little buddy, always

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