Lucky was definitely lucky

After reading all these stories I can now see who to blame. A couple months ago my 10 year old dog went in to full blown seizures, when he had been perfectly healthy.We had to rush him into emergencies and they weren’t sure what was wrong with him after test. They came to the conclusion that it had to be a toxin he ate. Now reading all these stories made me realize it wasn’t what he ate but the Hrtz flea shampoo I have been using . Lucky definitely was a lucky one, after the vets telling me he wasn’t going to pull through because of how long and far the drive was with his contionous seizures . Lucky fortunately made a miraculous recovery and fought the whole time . I’m so upset and angry knowing now that the main problem was the Hartz shampoo and not a random toxin at home when I know there isn’t any, it just didn’t add up. Now I’m stuck with an expensive vet bill, because of a company who can’t figure out there a problem.
It makes me so sad knowing all these animals have passed and the pain you must have all felt, because I felt like my world was ending, he’s my best friend and I cant imagine the pain you all had to go through.

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