Hartz Puppy Shampoo

Are 5 lb toy puppy was bathed in this shampoo and the next day was lethargic with paralyzed back legs. Over the process of the day he wasnt moving around too much it was raining and I took him outside and brought him in. He was cold and smelled so I gave him a 2nd bath. Both times I used the Hartz Puppy Shampoo. About two hours after the bath he began to get worse. I thought he had a low blood sugar so I rubbed honey on his gums. He did not get any better and began to wheeze over about 30 minutes he could barely keep his head up. It was a friday evening and an hour before the emergency vets office opened. I believe this shampoo caused my dog to sieze and die. He was only 9 months old. Do not use this stuff!! Buyer beware.

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