Foxy, my 3 year old jack Russell terrier died a horrific and painful death. The vets didn’t know what happened but now I believe it was due to this product. I used it on her 48 hours before she died. She had been to the vet a week earlier and was “in excellent health” but two days after I bathed her with hartzgaurd (according to the directions on the bottle), she had seizures, went blind, her back legs were paralyzed and was in so much pain with no hope of recovering, had to be euthanized. I spent $7000 trying to save her. This company needs to be held responsible. My sweet girl didnt deserve to suffer.

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    1. Yeah ok. Do you work for the company? Your a piece of crap for saying that! It’s not bullshit! I’ve lost 2 cats now because of this shit. Never again. 😭😭😡😡

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