Cleopatra my sweet Chihuahua

My sweet sweet chihuahua has had perfect health throughout her life. She is 4 years old going on 5. My mom bought this Hart’s flea shampoo and we have been bathing her in it recently. The last time we used this, within 42 hours later thank god I was home to realize her strange behavior… she was trembling, dazing off onto another planet, falling to her left side, I couldn’t really move her, she was unresponsive to her name. I was terrified crying hoping she’d be okay. She stood that way for about an hour and all day she wasn’t herself. Thank God she ended up to be okay. The vet said it’s probally because she ate something toxic off the ground in our home. False!! Our family is very OCD and make sure the house is spotless and clean at all times. She is also very scared of outdoors so she isn’t the type to pick up something off the ground. So many Hartz victims, I’m very sure it’s the shampoo.

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  1. You are only supposed to use this every 2 weeks. Because it acts just like giving them flea medicine. Pet smarts told me bath my dog in dawn dish soap.

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