Hartz toy bone impaled my dog’s lip.

A few years back, we bought a Hartz brand dog bone (similar to Nylabones) and gave it to my black lab. The hard plastic logo on the toy ended up popping off halfway and impaling itself on my pup’s lip. It broke through her lip, clear to the other side. We even had to take her to an emergency vet to get it stitched up. When we contacted Hartz about this, we were transferred from department to department and brushed off at each. They didn’t care and made it explicitly clear that they didn’t care.

Please do not buy Hartz products at all. Not the shampoo, not the toys; it’s not worth your animal’s safety.

One thought on “Hartz toy bone impaled my dog’s lip.”

  1. We used Hartz flea treatment one time on my cat. She started losing all her hair, her weight, and was urinating herself. My cat was dying, and I blame it all on Hartz. This stuff is awful!

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