Flea drops killed my healthy 9yr old Boxer in 48hrs!

Our 9yr old Boxer “Bella” was a healthy, very active dog her entire life since a puppy. Never had any sickness or health complications of any sort. Well….that changed for the worst on Wednesday October 3rd, 2018! On that day, my girlfriend and I applied AS DIRECTED the Hartz Ultragaurd Flea drops to her back around 7 oclock PM after a bath. The very next night 24hrs later, Bella had a Massive Siezure for the FIRST TIME EVER in her life. And it lasted every bit of 5 minutes watching her tremble and shake uncontrollably, foaming out of her mouth, and breathing heavier than I had ever heard any dog breathe! Upon a Google search on seizures in dogs, i did not worry a great deal considering her age and statistics saying that it is common in a senior aged boxer to occasionally have a seizure every 6 months or so……then as I continued my research, Bella started seizing again, this time got worse with her convulsions and breathing, still lasting 5+minutes until it ended. So, seizures continued non stop with only 5-15 minutes in between until the next one started. By the end of Thursday, Bella had lost control of her bowels, vision, and motor skills completely! And the WORST is that she didn’t even respond to her name any longer. At this point, Bella has suffered from irreversible brain damage and was stuck in a vegetated state all while continuing having severe, painstaking seizures. She was suffering emmensily all while we stood there helpless and devastated watching our baby girl DIE SLOWLY! So to get on with the end of all this, we had Bella euthanized and creamated on Saturday Morning the 6th. In two days, a perfectly healthy, active boxer goes from herself, into a brain dead vegetable that had over 20 seizures within a 48hr period, which ultimately directly caused her death! We chose to put her down considering the state she was in, the drops took EVERYTHING but her ability to breathe. So I can’t say Hartz murdered Bella, but it’s a FACT that Hartz Ultragaurd Flea drops POISONED her, CONFISCATED her from us to the point where I was left with two options…..let her suffer emmensily for ever, or relieve her pain ONLY BY EUTHANIZATION!!!
R.I.P. Bella. Mommy and Daddy will promise to seek justice for you the best way we can baby. And it starts by ADVISING ALL PET OWNERS TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE HARTZ CORPORATION!! They are Murderers and choose to do nothing about thier products! It’s ALL POISON!

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    1. My little Bichon died 2 days before your Bella. I gave her a flea bath with this shampoo, and the exact same thing happened to her. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. I am absolutely heartbroken!!!! I can hardly eat or sleep, since. I keep thinking I hear her little footsteps. I feel so bad that I gave her that flea bath. I wish I could turn back time. I held her while she died. My life will never be the same.

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