Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists

HORRIBLE! I have an English Bulldog (1yr 4months old). He loves to chew on bully sticks. I saw the Pig Skin Twists at Smart & Final and thought he would probably love this treat. Ingredients just said PIG SKINS and it says highly digestible on the front. Didn’t even think to look where it was made 🙁 BUT it is made in China. Opened the bag and it smelled bad (chemical like)… However, I brushed it off thinking “how are Pigskins suppose to smell anyway.” (Plus, I purchased it at Smart & Final…right?) I gave one to my dog who took a smell and left it on the floor (highly unusual for my dog who loves to eat). Against my better judgement… I picked it up and held it out for him to remind him it was a treat… here, it’s a treat for you! Took him a few smells and checking it out before he finally took it an started chewing on it. He ended up eating the whole thing.
Later that evening when we were going to bed I thought I noticed him twitch or do this head bobble thing (He has only done this once before after he got eye surgery & had an allergic reaction to something). Next morning I wake up super early to my dog having “head tremors” or also known as Idiopathic Head Tremors. He continued to have head tremors spread out through the day. The only thing DIFFERENT that I gave him to eat was the Pig Skin Twist. I looked the treats up online and found all these horrible reviews on the company and product. I knew it had to be the Pigskins causing the head tremors. I took him to the vet. The vet checked him and was not sure that it was the pigskin treat that caused this… because Bulldogs are known to get head tremors. HOWEVER, by the 3rd day the head tremors were gone and he has not had once since. I believe they went away once the treat and toxins had passed through him. 100% these treats caused him some sort of trauma that brought on the head tremors (probably allergic to the toxins in the treat).

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  1. If a class-action suit is ever started on this company I would certainly join in, as our cat came close do dying after one treatment of their topical flea and tick liquid. Dangerous and deadly!

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