Killed my kitten

I had a new baby kitten that was 3weeks old . Her mother had died so I took her in. Well she had anxiety so w checked YouTube for several tips to help kittens in New homes. Finally one person suggested this lavender calming collar.. So we bought one. Within 4 hrs of having it on her i noticed a change in her behavior but blew it off. I took it off her because she kept putting her. Legs through it. Well 2 days later i tried again. I put it on her in the morning and left for work. I can home from work 8hrs later and she’s face down in the carpet barely breathing and stumbling around drunk looking . i called the vet. I told them about the collar they said get it off now and bathe her with warm water and dawn. I did. She seemed to get better for a while. 3 hrs later we were headed to bed. She started acting very hostile and had seizures. Her eyes were completely black and she kept screaming. I got scared and put her in her kitty kennel. 3 hrs of that and she died at 4:37am.

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