Flea drop from Harttz

I used this Hartz Ultra Guard. Tuesday Sept 18th 2018. She threw up two hours later. I found out about this lawsuit that night. It’s Thursday the 20th she won’t eat or drink all day . I’m pissed. I got it at Walmart.

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  1. I bought hartz fle drop for my dog not even 3 days the meducine burn her skin all the way down her back to her tail what can i do about this product im not useing it no more

  2. I used the product the same day for the first time. We have always used Frontline but I unfortunately didn’t have the money this time. My cat instantly started crying, her eyes watered, she started drooling, wailing in agony, she was sneezing and looked like she was severely uncomfortable. I immediately grabbed my make up wipes unscented and began to get the product off quickly as possible. Instantly I saw improvement although it hurt her trust boundary with me for the evening, she has barely eaten ANYTHING in the past two days and she even denied her treats. I feel so so so terrible. I will never go with hartz or cheap things for animals ever again.

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