Hartz collar burned my calico cat

I put one of these collars on my three cats a few weeks ago because of a bad flea infestation on them. My boyfriend came running today to me with my Ellie in his arms saying take the collar off now and when we cut it off her whole neck around about a half an inch wide was badly burned. I can’t stop crying I hurried to check my other cats and they are perfectly fine. I feel like a horrible cat mom for letting this happen but I had no idea that this was even possible, plus she’s so laid back and so furry it wasn’t noticed for weeks. Please if you use this ever make sure to inspect your cats hourly the first days because this is devastating to me and if my boyfriend didn’t catch it she could’ve been seriously injured even more.

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  1. Sorry for your cat, however she wasn’t burned. Her neck was blistering due to a severe allergic reaction. She most likely is allergic to citrus, as it is what causes reactions in many animals. You should have watched your cat for the recommended 4-6 hours.

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