Could’ve lost them..

Been struggling with money to get rid of the fleas that all 3 of my cats have. Seen hartz in Walmart for $5. So thankful for this site. Luckily I looked up reviews before putting it onto my cats and was taken here. I could’ve lost all 3 of my babies that are my everything. Something needs to be done this is ridiculous. Reading all this stories makes me chest hurt. This cant continue. Pets are children to people! Its heartbreaking when youre just trying to help your animal and then this!

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  1. I agree something needs to be done to stop this poison from killing our pets. We experience this in the year 1993. Our cat started foaming at the mouth and acted like she was having a seizure.mwe washed it off her immediately! But she was never the same. I contacted “Chewy” a website that sells pet products. I sent them this link. I was going to purchase flea meds for my 3 pets…but then I saw they SELL HARTZ FLEA PRODUCTS. I immediately stopped my order and contacted them. I was told that “they sent it to the BIG DOGS, CEO”
    They are going to research this. Let’s hope they will get on the band wagon to stop this pripoduct out of China. I’m on board to try to help stop this product from being sold to families to use on their pet with NO KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT IT WILL DO TO THEIR FUR BABIES.

    1. Hartz was required to change their formula back in 2017. It is still causing allergic reactions, but it no longer uses the same chemical to kill the fleas. The old formula was changed due to lawsuits, not due to any actual research showing it was harmful. It is still causing issues due to negligent owners and animals having citrus allergies.

  2. My family has used Hartz for over 18 years and only had one issue due to a cat being allergic to citrus. We use their toys, soap, grooming wipes, flea treatment, and many more of their products. It is not the company’s fault that people don’t watch their animals for the recommended 4-6 hours after treatment, don’t properly treat allergic reaction, don’t make sure their animal doesn’t lick it, or that their animal has an allergy.

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