Ari and Mercedes KILLED BY HARTZ

You may ask, what happens when you use Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea spray for cats! I’ll tell you.. Because of this flea spray 2 of my cats are now dead. 😭 I used a very small amount of this flea spray on them 3 days ago and the first one, Ari died within 24 hours and the second one, Mercedes died sometime lastnight while my family was sleeping. 😭 Hartz pet products company needs to be stopped. I don’t want any more animals to die because of Hartz poison products. Throw them away, share my post, DONT EVER USE HARTZ PRODUCTS!!! 😠

UPDATE:9/13/18: Just got off the phone with someone from Hartz, it was the most aggravating phone call IN MY ENTIRE LIFE…. All they did was ask me a bunch of questions and apologize for my loss and then ask me if there’s anything else they can help me with…. I was like “Ummm I’m not really sure what you think you’ve helped with me at all, there’s nothing you can help me with and I’ll continue to tell everybody about your products killing animals and continue sharing my post on facebook that’s been shared over 16,000 times and I will be meeting with a reporter to do an on camera interview on the news about your products killing animals.” Guess what her response was??? She says “I can’t continue to speak with you if your gonna talk about social media.” Well too bad lady cuz I’m not going to stop spreading the word about your poison and I don’t want to continue to speak with you so BYEEE!! Fucking Hartz people only care about their paychecks.. they don’t give a flying fuck about the animals whose lives were ended way too soon by the use of their products! 😠 😭

2 thoughts on “Ari and Mercedes KILLED BY HARTZ”

  1. Literally all flea medicine is poison. That’s why your supposed to watch your animal 4-6 hours after you use it. Flea spray from any brand has been shown to cause more deaths than flea drops, as the animals are more likely to lick it off.

    1. Selena are you a Hartz Rep? Because there is a big difference when one brand seems to kill a lot of animals… Your comment is blaming the pet owner, you should be ashamed.

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