Dog almost died

One week before a scheduled vacation (Sunday) I used Hartz Flea and Tick Treatment drops on my dog. Within 24 hours my dog stopped eating (Monday). The next day (Tuesday) he was so sick I thought he was not going to make it through the night. I did not know what was wrong. I made an appointment for the vet but couldn’t get in til Saturday. The next day (Wednesday) he still was not eating. I gave him a bath. The next morning (Thursday) he ate a little bit. The following day (Friday) he ate a full meal. I thought he was getting better. Saturday he seemed back to normal so I cancelled the vet appointment as we would have missed a friend’s wedding. That night he lost control of his back legs. It lasted about 10 minutes. The next morning it happened again. He lost control of his whole back end for 30 minutes. I called a vet who said dogs sometimes have this sign when they are dying. We were leaving on vacation that day so I made the painful decision to put him down. I called my kids. My son asked if I had done anything different the previous week before it started. I told him about the new brand of flea and tick treatment I had used. He looked it up and saw that all those symptoms were described by others who had used it. I immediately gave him another bath with Dawn Soap and cancelled the euthanasia. The next week he continued to improve except he was itchy. Then he started to lose the hair all down his back where the product was applied. The vet did a bunch of testing. I returned to the vet a week later where whey did bloodwork. His liver enzymes had quadrupled. Liver damage was another symptom described by others. The vet put hi. On medication to try to heal his skin lesions. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster and a bunch of vet bills. Do not use this product. I almost lost my baby and he went through hell.

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  1. On April 11th 2018 I put a hartz ultraguard flea and tick collar on my rescue Brussels griffon oliver and almost immediately he went into severe seizures and convulsions..I removed the collar and washed him thoroughly but since then he has never been the May a fatty growth popped up on his head and continues to get bigger..last night he screeched so loud from a deep sleep..shot up like he was hit by lightning and had a really bad seizure. I’ve sent hartz a diary of Oliver’s conditions since the poisoning along with videos and consumer affairs (really consumer doesn’t give a rats ass affairs) just insist he must have had an underlying condition because the *safety of their products is their #1 priority*
    Oliver had a complete physical 2 wks before this incident and was found to be in excellent health and since the poisoning on April 11th of this year..he’s been lethargic can’t climb stairs has seizures and convulsions and had a tumor growing out of his head..I would love to file a class action suit or join one if there is one already in play… this company needs to take responsibility for what their products are doing to our precious fur babies…I will NEVER buy another hartz mountain corp product again…everyone should boycott these reckless heartless pet maimers and killers…

    1. I can’t believe this HARTZ product is still around and people are STILL using it. I would also be willing to join a class action law suit. We had the issue in 1993 when we almost lost our cat “Yonder” from this product. She had seizures and foamed at the mouth after a few minutes of using the flea drops. I called our veterinarian and they said WASH IT OFF IMMEDIATLEY. we did but she was not the same after that. When contacting the company in CHINA, all we got from them was “the apology” and offered a full refund.
      BIG DEAL!
      I wanted others to know NOT to use HARTZ products at anytime. I wanted other pet owners to know what this did do and continues to do to our (fur babies) family pets. But…apparently most veterinary staff and doctors will not say anything negative for fear of being sued. I do know (per experience) that in 1993 the flea products (poison) had become too weak to kill the fleas. The fleas needed a high dose to control or kill the fleas. So in order for the product to do the job and be effective they had to make the flea product stronger.
      So how have I, as one individual tried to help stop this product from being used by the pet owner? Anytime I see someone looking at this brand name and the flea product itself, soap, in a store that has anything that kills fleas,
      I tell them MY story and experience of what happened to our cat “Yonder”
      I’ve also emailed sellers online who are selling this poison (Ebay in particular) to consumers. Ebay still allows the sales of HARTZ flea products, even though poisons are illegal to list it. Most sellers thank me for educating them and immediately remove the poison.
      If anyone knows of any legal activity to stop the use and sales of the HARTZ products killing or making our fur babies sick, please contact me. This product was coming out of CHINA at least since 1993, please share the info. I would like to be part of a petition to help save the life’s of our fur babies (cats, kittens, dogs and puppies). ❤️🐱🐶
      The website I’m posting is your web, that I continue to share all these years. Most recently was received by CHEWY pet product sellers 9/17/2018.

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