Seargents Skip Flea shampoo

Two weeks ago, I purchased Seargents skip Flea shampoo at my local grocery store because the hot weather caused fleas to overwhelm my cat despite the use of a flea collar that normally works fine. We read the bottle and used the recommended amount of shampoo to bathe our cat. Within an hour, our cat had a seizure. The seizure lasted several minutes. We frantically called the vet, but by that time the seizure was over and she was doing somewhat better so we made an urgent care appointment for the next day. The next day, the vet examined her and drew some blood for some tests and gave her some flea treatment because the shampoo did not seam to have removed any fleas. The vet sent us home since there was nothing more they could do at that point other than wait for the test results. They said they would call us the following morning with the results of the tests. Our cat did not make it through that night. In the morning the vet called and let us know the results of the tests showed that our cat had kidney failure. This shampoo poisoned her and she died.

I went back to the store where I purchased the shampoo and told them I do not want to return it nor do I want a refund, as I do not want it put back on the store shelf to be sold to another unsuspecting pet parent. I asked to speak to someone who could help me get them to stop selling this product. They immediately had a two managers come over and address my concerns. I showed them my vet bill and a picture of my cat; and explained again what happened. They explained that because they are part of a large, nationwide conglomerate, they do not get to choose at the site level which products to stock, but that they would follow up with the purchasing manager to try. The customer service representative and both managers were very compassionate and empathetic, so I hope that this will have some impact.

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