Almost killed my dog

My dog was poisoned by this product.
I put the flea and tick on my dog on Friday afternoon.
Sunday afternoon he wouldn’t walk, drink or eat.
Monday morning I rushed him to his veterinarian.
The vet did X-ray, ultrasound, charcoal and IV ALL day.
No improvement.
I was advised to take my dog to a 24 hr emergency vet hospital for more IV and Charcoal and also possible seizures.
I picked up my dog yesterday 7-31-2018 from emergency vet with a prescription for muscle relaxers. The vet has no idea if my dog will ever stop twitching but he is stable and is allowed to come home.
Now he is home and I have to hand feed him, Give him a drink of water from a syringe.
He twitches and shakes nonstop. My dog won’t lift his head and even respond to his name anymore.
I am praying that he will eventually make a full recovery.
I know I am blessed that he is home with me but what quality of life is my dog going to have?
I’m devastated and so mad at myself for buying this product.
How is this still on the market?

2 thoughts on “Almost killed my dog”

  1. Im sorry. Same thing happened to my dog. Unaware of what happened, like an idiot I gave her the next months dose and it killed her. They need to take that poison of the shelves.

  2. How is this still on to market,simple it it regulated by EPA not FDA! i’am sworry to hear one more horror story with Hartz!

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