PSA: None of this applies to products sold in Canada!

So I bought some Hartz Ultraguard OneSpot treatment here in Canada, applied it to our cats, then noticed one of our cats licking the solution on their fur and freaking out. Naturally, I went to the internet and typed in the brand name to see if there were problems and almost had a heart attack when I found this site. After calling our vet and the number on the box, I was relieved to hear that pyrethroid products are not even allowed here in Canada. This site caused me to have an unnecessary panic attack thinking my babies were going to die or have neurological disorders. Please put a disclaimer somewhere stating that this kind of thing is only a problem in the good ol’ US of A.

2 Replies to “PSA: None of this applies to products sold in Canada!”

  1. Thank god, On youtube everyone was screaming hartz is bad. But so far, my dog is fine, for years now.. Good to know its because canada blocked the certain drug!

  2. I am in Canada and when I applied the flea medication to my cat she developed a rash and all of her fur fell out. Thankfully she reacted to it right away and I gave her a bath within 15 mins of applying it or she might not be here today. To this day she still has skin issues where the rash developed. I will NEVER use Hartz products again!

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