I made a terrible mistake

Im an idiot for not looking up reviews for this product before purchasing and using it on my pets. So we been getting flea issues so I put hartz ultraguard on my cat. At first she was angry at me for putting it on and trying hide from me so I thought maybe shes just moody and angry with me so I’ll just leave her alone. So I went to bed and thought nothing of it. Feel asleep for 20 minutes and I just heard this loud booming voice in my head YOU HAVE TO SAVE YOUR CAT, THE MEDICINE YOU GAVE HER IS GONNA HARM HER. THIS MEDICINE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HUNDREDS OF ISSUES YOU HAVE TO WASH OFF HER NOW! So I woke up and was shaking and I rushed to see my cat and shes still moody and stuff so I washed it off her with dawn dish soap…Im still worried for her but shes seems like her normal self again…I still believe the voice that said that to me is God..I just pray that shes fine tomorrow morning. Im just so scared I’ve had her since I was in 5th grade Im not ready to let her go yet…Im not.

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