My cat will suffer from seizures for life

I have two cats. My one cat, Gizmo, was about 8 months old when I treated him with Hartz over 2 years ago. My other cat, Blizzard, is 6 years older than him. Blizzard lost all of his fur and started to physically attack himself. Gizmo had small seizures. I instantly bathed them on their second dose due to foaming at the mouth to get the product off of them. I am so grateful that I still have them both in my life and that all of Blizzard’s very long and beautiful fur has grown back. However, Gizmo was so young that he has permanent neurological damage. The seizures he was suffering from started out in very short and rare bursts, but then they became so frequent and he started to attack himself. He couldn’t eat, sleep or use the restroom during this time. He now has to stay medicated to keep all his symptoms at bay and to give him the normal life he was supposed to experience. I will spend every penny I have to in order to keep this adorable and loving cat happy, but this is something that I should have never had to pay for.

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