Hartz Ultraguard caused severe neurological damage to my cat.

I applied one application of Ultraguard to my cat on a Sunday, but Monday night she was walking in circles and had lost all of her instincts: the ability to drink, the ability to eat, the ability to use the litter box, the ability to meow. The vet ran blood tests and ruled out any infections and reported that all of his organs were fine. The vet noted the bizarre behavior while examining the cat, listened with great interest when I told her I had applied the Hartz repellent 36 hours earlier and immediately had my cat bathed thoroughly. So a $350 bath at the vets very likely saved his life. Today, six weeks later, my cat no longer has to be feed by a spoon, but he has lost weight; hewalks aimlessly around the house all day or walks in circles; he displays NONE of the unique personality traits which I had become accustomed to over the last 3 years. Doesn’t come you whistle and say “kitty kitty.” Doesn’t sleep on the bed with me. Doesn’t cuddle up on the couch. Still cannot drink water properly, so I have to buy expensive wet food from the vet to keep him hydrated. The vet diagnosed his condition as neurological damage caused by Hartz’ Ultraguard Flea & Tick Repellent. What is the status of the class action? I can’t believe this ultrahazardous product is still for sale on Chewy.com and at Walmart (where I bought it). The only time I’ve ever bought flea and tick repellent from any place other than my vet, but I had just relocated after 24 years and didn’t have a vet – at least not until Hartz destroyed my cat’s life.

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