My little chihuahua, Zoey, has been suffering for the past few days due to Hartz flea & tick drops. I applied a couple drops at the back of her head, and on her back above her tail. About every 10-12 hours, she starts to whine/squeal, won’t allow me to touch her head, and she seems to be struggling breathing! The only thing soothes her is a luke warm bath (and I’ve been using Mane & Tail shampoo). I gently wash the 2 “spots”, rinse thoroughly, carefully towel dry her, and she will lie in the floor for me to blow dry her. (She loves the blow dryer.) I set the dryer on low warm. She rests quietly for quite a while afterwards, and responds well, back to normal within about 20 minutes. Vet has been closed since Friday for the holiday weekend. We will be there first thing this morning.
What if I’d used the entire dropper? Zoey might have died. Now to find that health issues and death are widespread problems rampant from this product? I am beyond livid! It is inhumane that this product be allowed on shelves.

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