My poor cat & Hartz collar

*Warning Graphic Photo In Comments * My cat Gizmo began acting lethargic, irritable, and she stopped eating or drinking. I thought she had been poisoned.
I dropped her off at the Vet on my way to work and received a call later that she’d had a reaction to the flea& tick collar I put on her a few weeks ago. She’s worn these before without problem but suddenly…
Cheap flea & tick collar: $6.00
VET bill: $224.00

My cat just died

Yesterday I have my dear cat Elroy hartz ultra guard pro fir cats. He got mad at me and ran away and was a bit skittish for a few hours then got up this morning and died. My CHILDREN ARE HEARTBROKEN. He was only eight. If i had read this I never would have gotten those drops – they were on the shelf at Walmart like they were totally safe.
We are devastated that our kitty man is gone. In shock.
This photo is two days ago.