Hartz Flea Drops nearly killed my cat

I normally use Advantage for flea control, but one time a friend gave me some Hartz Mountain flea drops packaged in little plastic vials that looked just like the ones Advantage comes in. My friend told me she used it on her pets all the time and said it was the exact same stuff as Advantage but way cheaper and available at the grocery store. I used it on my cat and it nearly killed her. I put it on the back of her neck as directed. In grooming herself, she wiped the area with her paws then licked them. A couple of hours later she started having convulsions, which developed into grand mal seizures. It was the middle of the night and I had no access to a vet until morning. I surrounded her with hot water bottles and a heating pad to keep her body temperature up and keep the seizures down. She survived, but what a terrifying experience.

Hartz’s reply to the multitude of reports of pet poisonings is that their products are safe when used as directed – that is, putting them only on the back of the neck where the animal can’t reach. My cat had no problem reaching it. There is another HUGE flaw in their reasoning. My pets, like the animals in multi-pet households, tend to play with each other, often grabbing each other by the back of the neck.

There’s an even bigger issue, though. How many of us have seen a toddler hug or kiss a pet and put their face to the animal’s neck? If that so-called ‘safe’ product was harmful enough to put my cat into grand mal seizures, what will it do to a baby?

Eff Hartz and Walmart

My 10 weeks old doberman had one Hartz oinkies wrapped with chicken and she got very sick. She’s been having diarrhea last two days and thankfully getting a lot better. I cannot believe big stores like Walmart is letting innocent animals to get sick! From now on, I’ll be doing research on food and treats I buy for my dog and cats. Shame on you walmart.

Don’t forget the ones that fly! Birds to are being hurt by this brand!

I see allot of o post about dogs and cats using Hartz brand stuff… How about the little ones that fly?!? I have to birds and I didn’t think of it being anything.. But the bird paper they sell in Walmart is Hartz brand and comes from China… Idk if I got a bad batch or something. But the paper smells like rotten cheese. This paper is put in the cage my birds step on it, and my one bird likes to chew on it! He’s been sick ever since we couldn’t figure out why Not until we changed the paper realized the smell and also the bird food…. He’s doing much better…. I didn’t want to believe it but the Hartz brand is horrible!!!! Side note

My cats reaction

I used Hartz on both of my cats. One of them is perfectly fine, while the other has died. Less than a day and a half. The were no warning signs. I woke up to my wife saying she couldn’t find her. Now this is my baby, I am talking about. I jump up and look to find her dead beside the dining table. My heart is broken and had to have her cremated. Anything I can do, other than be really sad.?

My cat

Thank you for this site, its saved my cats life! I bought my cat one of these flee collars today and found this site since i wanted to see if it was safe, i threw away the collor and gave my cat a bath after to get out the white powder. I hope this company goes down for all the pets they have harmed

Flea & Tick Medicine is Poison

I used Hartz on my 3 years old cat and she started breathing heavy. She was running around and trying to escape thru my screen door. She’s an inside cat and has never tried forcing her way out. Shes never been outside since I find her on the streets at 2 months old. After I blocked her from tearing thru my screen door she started twitching (or having seizures, I’m not a dr.) 15 minutes after using Hartz product I called the emergency vet. I gave my cat a bath with dawn dish soap. She was so tired from the reaction to medicine and having to get a bath but every 15-20 minutes her arm would start twitching. She would lie down but then twitch and move to another spot to get comfortable. She climbed on me and balled up on my chest and I would just hold her and when I would feel her start to twitch I would pet her and rub the spot near the application was applied. 7 hrs later her twitching/seizures have become less. Her appetite was still present since she ate her food about an hr or two after the reaction and the next morning she ate. After searching and learning about other cats and watching videos I’m so angry they allow this stuff to be sold to anyone. I’m blessed to have been overly protected of my cats and was able to see right away something was wrong and that I caught it right away and gave her a bath. Still keeping an eye very closely on her for the next 48hrs.

Sick cat on 05/07/18

Today I tried the product hartz flea and tick for cats and kittens. I put it on my furr baby one time. Within 5 minutes he was crying, hissing, spitting and avoiding me and his puppy brother. I rushed him to tub and gave him a good bath. He felt better but I have not seen him so upset. He looked scared. All i can say is do not use this product! It will hurt you animals. It’s a shame stores still have it on the shelf.

Hartz is the worst

I just gave my cat a dose of irregardless flea and tick. He was fine for the first 10 mins then started flipping out. Scratching his fur off. He was short of breath. I threw him in the sink and tried washing it off bit he got away. I got him in the bath tub put dawn on it and rinsed him off. He is still irritated by it but seems better. I hope he will be OK. Any suggestions?

Hoping This Helps

Has anyone thought about a class action lawsuit? Or even just asking if there’s a case?

I have been lucky. I used these products 25 years ago, but gave up on the flea collars b/c my cats constantly went into our grove and worked them off.

A Twitter post likely saved my current housecat’s life, as we had bought ear mite drops, but hadn’t yet used them.

I have no case, and know little about class action suits, but I thought I’d throw that out to you upon reading all these heartbreaking stories.

It’s beyond disgusting and wrong that they continue to sell these products despite complaints. The person whose post alerted me tried contacting Hartz on Twitter and was BLOCKED.

Hope this helps. Will continue to spread word on Twitter and to family/friends.

Never again

My cat, Onyx, has a very bad flee problem. Two months earlier we used the Hertz flee drops on him. He was very agitated and restless. At the time we thought he wasn’t used to the feeling of the drops. Fast forwarding to last week, we decided to use a Hertz flee collar. While wearing the collar he would scratch at his neck, again we thought it was normal and he was just trying to take it off. Two days ago, Tuesday night, my mom decided to give him a shower but used a flee comb instead. However, on Wednesday morning, when she prepared him for a bath she noticed a patch of his hair missing and in it’s place was a bloody, bright red chemical burn. After closer inspection, we noticed it was all around his neck. We researched what was wrong and under further investigation we found this site and the various stories exposing Hertz products for what they really are. Please dispose of all Hertz products and instead go to your local vet and ask for a recommendation. We hope this doesn’t happen to any other pets.