Our Beloved Blue

We had planned a trip to Tennessee and bought the tick and flea protective liquid. We applied it to our amazing dog and she acted normal. 24 hours later when we got off work to grab her, and all the other essentials for our trip before we left, instead of being greeted by our beautiful dogs tapping feet we were greeted by a horrible scene. Our dog had passed away on our couch while we were gone. She was fine in the AM so she passed when we weren’t there. She was in perfect health, she was perfect, and these monsters took her from us. We had her for 9 years, she was a part of our family. I don’t think these people understand what they’re doing. YOU TOOK OUR LOVED ONES FROM US! I AM GOING TO DO ALL I CAN TO PREVENT THE SALES OF ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS. I CANT LET ANOTHER PERSON GO THROUGH WHAT WE HAVE!

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