My cat started going crazy after I put this on him

I have a 3 year old cat, Bo, he is a domestic short hair. I just applied this Hartz flea and tick prevention Since he likes to go hang out in the back yard. Immediately after i applied this he started twitching and then freaking out hissing and running around the house. He is finally laying down and starting to be calm. Is this a normal reaction. I used it on our other cat as well but he has hidden himself. So I am not sure if he is having a reaction.

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  1. I would say stop using the product try a different company.
    I have been using Hartz for a year but this past Monday my 3 year od shitzu poodle dog got poisoning from the product. I took a bath like normal and all of a sudden he was lethargic, having seizures, muscle weakness, couldn’t stand up, urinating and pooping on himself and so large drooling spit up. The product soak into his skin causing him to have chemical poisoning in his blood causing neurological seizures and deficiencies which is deadly to dogs if not caught in enough time. Took him to a Pet Er where they wanted to keep him overnight and run test for $1,000 with no guarantee if they would be able to save him. I am a single mom and could not afford that at that time So i paid for the consultation and a atropine injection and took my dog home. Thankfully I was able to stabilize him myself because I have a clinical background.
    I manually administered him fluids with a syringe and gave him a warm bath with Dawn soap to absorb the chemicals in his bloodstream. I stayed awake all night monitoring him as he had seizures ever 20-30 minutes until I could get him in with his primary Vet in the morning. His vet gave him additional IV fluids but said that all the extra steps I took and the atropine shot saves my dogs life. But Hartz almost product almost killed my dog. I never use this product or products ever again

  2. My husband just put this on our 3 year old cat Meelah. She instantly became agitated, racing around the house, breathing bizarrely, hissing, meowing very strangely. We got her rinsed off but couldn’t use soap because she took off upset and she has some crazy claws on her, so we let her go. She laid down on the washer and my husband kept rubbing her with a wetted towel. She has calmed down alot, but now has the hiccups. I know she ingested it because she was frantically licking at it trying to get it off. I think it burned her skin. She is okay now as far as it bothering her skin, but I’m scared to see what is to come because she licked it.

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