Hartz Flea Drops nearly killed my cat

I normally use Advantage for flea control, but one time a friend gave me some Hartz Mountain flea drops packaged in little plastic vials that looked just like the ones Advantage comes in. My friend told me she used it on her pets all the time and said it was the exact same stuff as Advantage but way cheaper and available at the grocery store. I used it on my cat and it nearly killed her. I put it on the back of her neck as directed. In grooming herself, she wiped the area with her paws then licked them. A couple of hours later she started having convulsions, which developed into grand mal seizures. It was the middle of the night and I had no access to a vet until morning. I surrounded her with hot water bottles and a heating pad to keep her body temperature up and keep the seizures down. She survived, but what a terrifying experience.

Hartz’s reply to the multitude of reports of pet poisonings is that their products are safe when used as directed – that is, putting them only on the back of the neck where the animal can’t reach. My cat had no problem reaching it. There is another HUGE flaw in their reasoning. My pets, like the animals in multi-pet households, tend to play with each other, often grabbing each other by the back of the neck.

There’s an even bigger issue, though. How many of us have seen a toddler hug or kiss a pet and put their face to the animal’s neck? If that so-called ‘safe’ product was harmful enough to put my cat into grand mal seizures, what will it do to a baby?

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