My cat

Thank you for this site, its saved my cats life! I bought my cat one of these flee collars today and found this site since i wanted to see if it was safe, i threw away the collor and gave my cat a bath after to get out the white powder. I hope this company goes down for all the pets they have harmed

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  1. oh I’m so glad your cat is ok!! I believe there is Nerve Gas or some kind of Nerve Gas derivative in those collars. I have wished the same for Hartz for the past 26 years. So far, they are still in existence, and the heartache, deaths and neurological maiming continues. MANY well-meaning pet owners don’t know about this, and so the cycle of harm continues — I was one of the lucky ones. Now I use Frontline for Cats — even though it is “expensive “, is SO MUCH CHEAPER than a $2,000 vet bill or even worse, a dead beloved pet.
    The Permethryns that are in these types of flea products are also derived from Pyrethrins, which are used to kill bugs in gardens– so please be careful what you use in your garden — even if your cat is not outdoors, that poison can be brought in on your shoes.

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