Flea & Tick Medicine is Poison

I used Hartz on my 3 years old cat and she started breathing heavy. She was running around and trying to escape thru my screen door. She’s an inside cat and has never tried forcing her way out. Shes never been outside since I find her on the streets at 2 months old. After I blocked her from tearing thru my screen door she started twitching (or having seizures, I’m not a dr.) 15 minutes after using Hartz product I called the emergency vet. I gave my cat a bath with dawn dish soap. She was so tired from the reaction to medicine and having to get a bath but every 15-20 minutes her arm would start twitching. She would lie down but then twitch and move to another spot to get comfortable. She climbed on me and balled up on my chest and I would just hold her and when I would feel her start to twitch I would pet her and rub the spot near the application was applied. 7 hrs later her twitching/seizures have become less. Her appetite was still present since she ate her food about an hr or two after the reaction and the next morning she ate. After searching and learning about other cats and watching videos I’m so angry they allow this stuff to be sold to anyone. I’m blessed to have been overly protected of my cats and was able to see right away something was wrong and that I caught it right away and gave her a bath. Still keeping an eye very closely on her for the next 48hrs.

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