The Dog Who Lived

Ok, so I was researching flea and tick brands prior to buying a preventative for my dog for the first time (we rescued her in the winter). I read horrifying things on this site. To be honest, I did buy the Hartz Ultraguard Pro drops because they are so much cheaper and if you look at the ingredients, it’s pretty much like a generic of Frontline or K9 Advantix. My dog survived her first of three 30 day doses with zero side effects. And she is 30lbs and I gave her to 30-60lb weight drops not the 15-30. This site scared me and it was all for no reason. Of course some dogs are going to have different reactions to chemicals just like people. But all these stories are either fake or super exaggerated.

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  1. Just because you didn’t lose your dog does not mean that others did not.
    It’s very ignorant and even cruel to accuse the pet owners of lying about this.

    1. AMEN– I’ve been aware of the MURDEROUS capabilities of Hartz Flea products since 1993!!! 1993!!! And this product is STILL on the shelves!!!
      Casey– why not go thru the archives of this website and see for yourself what Harts and Sergeants and other CHEAP Flea killing products can do to animals — it is NOT nice at all!!– and then consider yourself AND your dog one of the LUCKY ones!!!

    2. Yes! My dog was in perfect health before this and she even acted normal and when I returned home from work she had passed away, stiff as a board bloated, dead. I’m so disgusted with this post. You insensitive.

  2. Yes. 3,639 posts spanning 16 years with videos, photos and heart-wrenching recounts of dogs and cats suffering from Hartz and other over-the-counter products are all fake and super-exaggerated.

  3. Writer of “The Dog Who Lived”. Shameful that you use a forum such as this to post something so irresponsible and obnoxious under the guise of your personal experience – which I’m not convinced is even authentic. You owe an apology to every single person and pet that perished and/or suffered due to Hartz products. After seeing your post, I feel especially bad for your dog, sounds like it deserves better.

  4. Are you seriously kidding me?!?! Exaggerated? Fake? Get off this site! My dog suffered a tremendous amount and it cost me a lot of money to have a vet treat her problems all because this company puts poison in their products.

  5. Guess you’re all about the “fake news” like all those other idiots. “Fake news” when you happen to not agree with it, or it doesn’t conform to your standards. While I don’t hope anything happens to your dog or cat, I hope something happens to you…and then everyone declares it “fake news”. You moron.

  6. I’m guessing you also voted for Donald fucking Trump to be president. You and your fake news bullshit. Your dog is very fucking lucky so get your happy ass off this site fucking prick.

  7. Shame On You!! Why would someone makeup these stories that are horrific and devastating as these. We only want others to be aware of these terrible products. I lost my poodle in July, 2016 and she was only three years old! I still miss her and can not get myself to bond with another dog as I did her. You must be connected with the company. I have pictures and a video of her at the vet that I can show you.

  8. And you either work for Hartz or someone in your family does!! I assure you these stories are neither exaggerated or made up! My cat is dead from their product! Dead as in never coming back can’t be exaggerated dead! And the heartbreak is real also!! My sons tears were anything but fake!! I’m sorry you are offended by people trying to save lives if you want to keep cheating out after being warned what can happen then I feel sorry for your dog. These people on here bought the products just like you did thinking it would help their furbaby but the truth is the rest of us would have given anything to be warned first!!

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